30mm or Not!

Posted by Down-Under Wool on 6th Oct 2017


Australian Medical sheepskins come from premium Merino sheep.

Why Merino? Merino sheep have the finest wool, wool with an excellent crimp for pressure reduction and very high wool fibre pile density. All factors work together to provide pressure sore prevention.

Whether a sheepskin will be classified as an authentic Australian Medical Sheepskin AS 4480.1 1998 cannot be determined until it has been tanned and dyed. Only then can the wool classer decide if the skin is suitably described as an Australian Medical Sheepskin.

The last step of processing involves trimming the pile height to 30mm. 30mm is used because of pressure reduction research. Pressure measurements have shown that pressure reduction is reduced if the pile is more or less than 30mm. If the pile is too long, the fibres fall over each other and felt; making the sheepskin less effective.

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