Merino Nursing Fleece & Wool

Merino Nursing Fleece - economical  sheepskin alternatives:

Merino Nursing Fleece and Merino Lambswool are created from wool, shorn from fine wool Australian Merino sheep. The wool is cleaned after shearing, combed and then woven into a backing material; using the sliverknit process. Not all " wool-pile " in the market place is made from pure new wool. Down-Under Wool only sells the highest quality pure wool Hospital Wool Fleece products available.

Merino Nursing Fleece is an excellent alternative to sheepskin. The advantage that it has over sheepskin for many uses is that it can be up to 60" wide and as long as needed. It is machine washable and because it is made from Superwash Wool, can be safely placed in the dryer- that means it will not shrink.

Our Merino Nursing Fleece products are suitable for use by incontinent clients. Urine and faeces will not damage Hospital Wool Fleece but will permanently damage most sheepskins. The only sheepskins not damaged by urine and faeces are authentic Australian HiTemp UR Medical Sheepskins.

Premium Hospital Wool Fleece & Merino Lambswool products:
The nice thing about Hospital Wool Fleece Bed Pads is that they give protection and allow the user the freedom to move. Our Hospital Bed Nursing Fleeces (F102) are produced specifically for hospital beds. See below or click on a blue Catalogue number for more information.

  • Merino Lambswool Footwear:

        M160: Merino Lambswool Footwarmers: S, M, L

        M161: Orthopedic Wrap Booties : Wrap the foot in pure soft Merino wool. One size.

        M162: Woolly Footwarmers: Sizes: M, L, XL and XXL


  • MiniJumbuk Superwool Mattress Underlays:

         R215T:    39" X 75" =   99 X 190 cm: Twin

         R215D:      54" X 75"   = 137 X 190 cm: Double

         R215Q:      60" X 80"   = 152 X 203 cm: Queen

         R215K:    70" X 80"   = 198 X 203 cm: King


MiniJumbuk SuperWool Underlays:

A MiniJumbuk SuperWool Underlay is a lambswool mattress cover that has an elasticised skirt to keep it in place. Once you have slept on a MiniJumbuk SuperWool Underlay, you'll never want to sleep on anything else!  Mini Jumbuk is the leading manufacturer of wool underlays in Australia. Their quality is exceptional and is not surpassed by any other manufacturer in the world.

Look at all the healthy benefits of wool for your family. Pure wool "breathes", which makes it more comfortable to sleep on year round. Wool maintains an even body temperature, absorbing up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. So you'll never feel clammy, just dry and comfortable. Wool is also naturally non-allergenic, flame resistant and environmentally friendly, making it safer for those you love.

All underlays have been treated with Ultra-Fresh©- undoubtedly the best anti-microbial and anti-bacterial treatment around. Ultra-Fresh© has been independently tested and proven to be effective in controlling dust mite growth.

Dust Mite: Dermatophagoides



So, there is no need to worry about dust mites and germs that cause many allergies. Nor should you worry about the musty smell associated with mould and mildew. Ultra-Fresh© is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the product; no matter how many times you wash or dry clean it.


Our MiniJumbuk SuperWool Mattress Underlays:

  • are made from very-fine wool that is soft to touch and provide natural warmth
  • have elastic corner straps that secure the underlay to your mattress
  • are treated with an anti-microbial and anti-bacterial process. Mites hate them, but your family  will love them.
  • made up of 550 g of merino wool / square metre of underlay surface
  • relieve pressure points, providing a more restful sleep. 

So, why would you or your family want to sleep on anything else ?

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